Innovation for:
Innovating Product and Packaging Experience

Innovation for:
Innovating Product and Packaging Experience

Innovation for:
Branding, Architecture + 3D

Innovation for:
Brand Innovation, Communication, Strategy

Innovation for:
Branding, Architecture + 3D

Innovation for:
Branding, Architecture + 3D

who Innovation – Imagine being 100% sure!

design:success is the world’s premier innovation agency – focused on you and your brands growth

We use the world’s first and only patented ISO:9001 certified process to innovate new products, brands, services, strategies and experiences - proving exactly what consumers desire and buy into.

Essentially, you will be 100% certain before the implementation of investment is needed!

We are asked to innovate:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Experiences
  • Brands
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Transformational Innovations
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Business Models / Strategies
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Communication Platforms
  • Communication Strategies
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Revitalization
  • Digital Applications
  • Social Media
  • Special Assignments

You decide the area – We deliver 360 degree innovation
Together we design success!

Innovation rule #1:

Perception = Reality

what we do 360 Degree Innovation

design:success fuses 4 agencies into one: Innovation, Insight, Strategy, Design & Branding. All developed in-house!

Our solutions are turn-key; focusing on delivering tangible and implementable results that will produce market share growth and profitability.

What area would you like to innovate within:

innovation areas industry specific

Innovation rule #9:

Think 'Glocal' - global and local at the same time

1 WORLD - 1 SOLUTION We are 1 world - 1 team - 1 solution

design:success is a ‘global’ organization;
global capabilities with local insights.

+1 855 GROW IDEAS (toll free US)
+1 212 641 0777 (international)

Las Vegas

7495 W Azure Drive
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Mexico City

33 Pedregal Lomas de Chapultepec,
Mexico City, Mexico - 55 52 12 12 59

New York

289 Madison Avenue
New York, NY, USA




Innovation rule #3:

Everyone can come up with a good idea

Top 10 reasons why

Reason #1

Patented Process

We don’t guess! We use the world’s first and only patented innovation process.

Structured and logic. No black boxes.

Innovation rule #18:

Quality: What you put in, is what you get out.


360 degree accurate innovation

fusion:innovation - design: success’ turn-key innovation process is not only one of the world’s most admired and track proven processes but also one of the most logical and structured.

fusion:innovation is a state of the art 6 step process covering: 360 degree innovation development, strategy, and validation – all leading to tangible increase in brand value, market share and profitability.

Proven to be minimum 4 months faster than any traditional innovation process.

We guarantee minimum 85% target approval rate via our patented validation process; innovation:lab™

It all starts with our innovation:vision:workshop and validated in the innovation:lab

Download our ‘process one-pager™’ PDF

Innovation rule #11:

50% of innovation success is great teamwork


We are trusted by the world’s major brands and Fortune500 companies. Explore how we made a difference.


we design:success!

KIM NORLAND Dr. Kim Norland Worldwide President & CEO

Dr. Kim Norland; one of Europe’s elite innovators and conceptual developers, leads the world’s premier innovation agency believing in the simple philosophy: “one CAN design success”. He founded design:success – a global company that creates transformational innovation for the world’s leading brands and Fortune500 companies.

Dr. Kim Norland is the developer of the world’s first and only patented ISO:9001 certified innovation and innovation validation process. Dr. Norland has personally consulted with companies such as: LEGO, The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Nike and many more in over 20 industries on 6 continents. He is an innovation industry icon and an expert speaker on topical issues about innovation, marketing and transformation.

You are invited to explore Dr. Kim Norland’s philosophy and why it truly works!

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Innovation rule #5:

Have fun: It is possible to laugh and be serious at the same time.